Salt in the Air and Sand in My Hair


It’s the time of year when the sun kisses our hair and skin. The combination of sun and sand arouses our senses, allowing us to feel beautiful with little effort. We aren’t all lucky enough to have the beach in our backyards. But, you can re-create a beach wave hairstyle anywhere!

Most women are lucky to have some natural wave to their hair. Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray by Wella will bring out the natural wave in your hair for a professional beach wave look. This amazing salt spray product works on almost every hair type and reduces frizz. There are two options for creating the perfect beach hair style.

Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray by Wella (Recommended for all hair types.)
1. Start with dry hair.
2. Spray Ocean Spritz into dry hair.
3. Scrunch or twist your beach waves using your fingers.
4. Air dry.

Pearl Styler Gel by Wella (For a formal, more controlled look.)
1. Start with towel-dried hair.
2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Pearl Styler Gel from Wella through your ends, working in small sections for the most even coverage.


5 Hair Time Drains and How to Remedy Them

Does your hair seem to be taking up more and more of your time?  Here are some solutions to a few common hair time drains.

Time Drain #1-You start blow-drying your hair too soonrusk speed freak

It takes longer to style dripping wet hair and it is more prone to breaking at this stage.  Save time and your hair by flipping your head over and blow dry to get the excess water out (added bonus this will give you great volume!).  Then flip your head over and blow dry to get the excess water out (added bonus this will give you great volume!).   Then pin or clip it up and let it air dry some while you continue getting your outfit or some of your make-up started.  When your hair is about 80% dry start styling it by pinning it in sections, and while using a round blow dry the rest of your hair dry section by section.  It is important to use a concentrator on your blow dryer at this step (see left for image).  A concentrator allows all the air flow to be focused on the one section you are working on and cuts down on frizz and fly a ways.

Time Drain #2-You wash your hair too often

Just because you are taking a shower does not mean you need to wash your hair.  Unless your hair is oily or you have product build-up you should not wash your hair.  The longer you can go without washing your hair will not only save you time but will also be healthier for your hair.  Crazy I know, it sounds so backwards to not wash your hair.  But shampoos are cleansers – they are meant to get everything out of your hair and clean your scalp and unfortunately shampoos not only take the gunk out of your hair but also removes the essential sebum or oil from your scalp your hair needs and dries out strands as well.  If you find your hair to be too dry it is probably because you are washing it too frequently.  Depending on your hair type you should only be washing your hair 3-4 times per week and again the longer you can go the better!  Another added bonus to washing your hair as often if you color your hair is that the color is going to last longer, the more you wash your hair the more the color is going to fade.  Skipping the wash also allows you to skip the blow dry and the less heat you can put on your hair the better!  So save money and again time and the health of your hair and don’t wash it so much ladies.

lauren-conrad topknot



Time Drain #3-You don’t know how to fix a bad hair day

Some days you just can’t fit your hair you just have to go with it.  If you have short hair embrace the messy look!  Apply a dime-size amount of pomade to your hair and tousle it with your fingers this will make your hair instantly modern but put together.  For longer hair try a topknot which is all the rage right now!  It might take a little practice so you may want to try it when you have some time on   your hands to master everything.  Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail, then dividing the tail into three sections.  Wrap the first section loosely around the elastic band and bobby pin it  in place.  Continue with the other two sections wrapping them in the same direction around the elastic and secure them with bobby pins.  This will create a big, slightly messy, high bun perfect for any occasion and add a bold lip color like Lauren Conrad to really spice up your look!


Time Drain #4-You use too many products


whipped cremeIf your hair is limp, greasy, dull, or lifeless especially right after you wash it odds are you are using too many products.  If you are layering product after product and still not getting the results you are looking for and then compensate with layering more products you are using the wrong products for your hair.  When it comes to products less is more we promise,  you should only be using a maximum of four products-shampoo, conditioner, styler, and finisher.  Using any more is weighing your hair down and is probably making you wash your hair more and in turn damaging it more.  If you are a product junky then start but limiting your hair product arsenal to the bare essentials and by using a clarifying cleanser to start fresh and remove all the product build up.  Here at Lather Hair Salon we use and highly recommend Nioxin’s Clarifying Cleanser, it gently neutralizes hard water mineral deposits, chlorine and environmental and styling product build-up.  As far as the bare essentials you should have a professional brand shampoo (if you color your hair make sure it is a color-protecting shampoo to add more life to your color), a professional moisturizing conditioner, a root-lifting spray or mousse or some sort of heat protectant (we live by Sebastian lite weight Whipped Creme Styling Whip at Lather-added bonus it smells just like whipped cream!), and finally a finishing spray or polish to smooth everything.  Again if you can not get the look you want with the four products you are using the wrong ones for you hair and should consult your stylist about what would work best for your hair type.


Time Drain #5-You have the wrong cut for your lifestyle

If you can’t maintain your haircut at home yourself, it is too high maintenance for your needs.  When you go to your stylist it is very important to be as honest as possible about home much time you will and are able to put into your hair on a daily basis and to be honest about your hair skill level.  On the other side of this it is extremely important that your stylist is asking you these questions and is able to educate you on your hair.  Don’t resist your hair type, you are only torturing yourself-work with what you got!  If your hair is fine and straight consider a blunt chin to shoulder length bob; your hair will fall in sheets that stack up building volume.  For thicker straight hair graduated layers that are shortest at the shoulder and taper down the back works best because it gives your hair movement.  If it’s fine but wavier go for a shoulder length or shorter layered look; the layers build body and you won’t constantly be working to make your hair straight because it’s not in a precise bob.  If your hair is thick and wavy you may need a few layers so that it doesn’t get too heavy and is best to have it shoulder length or longer.  Another haircut mistake people make that add time to their everyday routines are bangs.  You shouldn’t have to fight them every morning, not everyone is cut out for bangs.  Like the rest of your hair make sure to ask your stylist to work with your natural texture and part when cutting your bangs.  If you have a cowlick your bangs will need to be thick and heavy.  If you have course or wavy hair get your bangs cut on an angle (shorter over one eye and longer over the other) that way they won’t have to lie perfectly flat.  If your hair is super straight don’t fight mother nature with a side bang instead go with short, straight bangs that just graze the eyebrows.  Use the weight of your hair and it’s natural texture to your advantage, don’t fight mother nature!

Lathers September Product of the Month

We would like to feature Nioxin’s DiaMax this month as an truly amazing product.  DiaMax  has a a fusion of Niacinamide, Panthenol and Caffeine and is proven to 1. increase the diameter of  each existing hair strand, 2. penetrate hair and make it fuller and more manageable, and 3. strengthen hair resilience against breakage.  Nioxin’s intensive therapy DiaMax also uses HTX, an advanced thickening complex containing a fusion of a number of ingredients.  DiaMax is a leave on product that you apply throughout the scalp and massage gently at the roots and style as normal.  It is a simple easy product to add to your hair routine that will make your hair fuller.

For more information feel free to contact Lather via email or phone or also Nioxin ( to explore all they have to offer for promoting strong healthy hair!


August is National Hair Loss Month

Whether you’re young or old, healthy or battling an illness, everyone faces hair loss at some time. It is extremely common both for men and women to experience thinning hair or hair loss. At Lather Hair Salon, we are doing our part by educating our clients on hair care regimes and tailoring specific hair care treatments.

Lather Hair Salon carries the salon professional Nioxin Brand. It is the #1 stylist-recommended thinning-hair brand in the US. We carry Nioxin kits, scalp renew products, styling products, intensive therapy products, and more to assist us in tailoring your specific hair care system. Our stylists are happy to answer any questions you might have and assist you with all your thinning hair concerns.

It’s Finally Here…

We are so excited to finally have our TIGI Cosmetics here at Lather Hair Salon!!  TIGI Cosmetics reflects your every style. Premium ingredients create effortless application with staying power. Clean, clear and modern; it’s apparent from your first glimpse that this is a cosmetic line that will do more than conceal, it celebrates and reveals what’s more important to you, yourself.   TIGI has been voted favorite professional makeup 7 years in a row and is a multi-generational and multi-cultural line that truly has something for everyone.  You can use our eyeshadows as wet or dry to create dramatic effects.  The newly released waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are a must for all women!  Lather Hair Salon is carrying the entire TIGI Cosmetics Line everything from Mineral Tint and Concealer Pencils to Whipped Foundation and High Density Eye Shadows so stop in today to check out all amazing TIGI make up at Lather Hair Salon.


Adding Volume to Your Hair

A lot of women struggle with having limp lifeless hair and it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out what will work to add more volume to your hair.  Here are a few different easy tips to try to get the most volume out of your hair.  The first thing is super easy and simple try adjusting your part.  Your hair can get use to the same part you use so try mixing it up by parting it to the side if you usually part in the middle to part the opposite way or in the middle if you part to the side.


Of course if you are looking for more volume, volumizing products are a must!  Lather Hair Salon carries and recommends Sebastian’s Volupt line of shampoo and conditioner for a great shampoo/conditioner while still adding volume.  Revolutionary cushion particle technology constructs your hair into a harmony of soft volumes while shielding-in the lightness for a color safe shampoo and conditioner.  Sebastian’s Volupt Spray can provide extra volume after using Volupt shampoo and conditioner.  Just apply to damp hair and blow-dry as normally done.  Some other amazing root and volume boosting products that Lather offers are Aquage uplifting foam, Nioxin root lifter (which is great for thinning or very fine hair), and Big Sexy Hair’s Backcomb in a Bottle which is applied to dry hair to add even more lift after dried.


Another great tip to add more volume to your hair that a lot of people do not think about is to not wash your hair too often.  We have mentioned in previous posts about how actually washing your hair less is better for it.  This is because it doesn’t dry it out as much and it will also help build up your volume because it is a little dirtier.  You are probably thinking well that’s all fine and good but what about my extremely greasy hair.  I have the solution…dry shampoo!  This miracle in a can/bottle seriously needs to be in everyone’s beauty supply for this reason just spray some at the roots and you are good to go until your next wash.  It is a much better way of getting a few more days in between your washes to make your hair that much healthier.


Believe it or not adding some color to your hair also adds some volume through dimension.  If you already color your hair it is an added bonus and if you don’t you can always work your way in.  Hair color can be overwhelming but finding the right salon and stylist to really work with you on what your hair wants and needs are is key!  The great thing about color is that you can do a lot or just a little.  Lather Hair Salon offers a great intro into color with our 10 foils or less service.  It is exactly what it says and you can just add some face framing highlights to add dimension and introduce you into the wonderful world of color!




Trying out a different cut and style could also boost your volume.  Again having a trained and qualified stylist that knows hair type and textures is key.  Also being completely up front with your stylist to let them know your hair routine is very important.  If you are someone who spends minimal time on styling your hair daily then your stylist should be recommending a very different haircut for you.  Compared to someone who spends a lengthy amount of time styling their hair daily.


Besides dry shampoo a teasing brush is going to be your best friend when it comes to adding volume.  The great thing about a teasing or backcombing is that you can add just a little or you can add a lot for a big night on the town, it is all up to you.  Do however be gentle because teasing too much and too often can damage hair so just ease your way into it and see what amount works best for your hair.


Curls add tons of volume so if you are lucky enough to have curly, wavy, or if you hair is able to hold curl fairly well this will be your best volumizing technique!  If you have natural curl/wave you can just wear your hair that way.  Simply add a little curl cream, Tigi’s Catwalk Curlesque Collection: Curls Rock Amplifier is Lather’s favorite, and let it air dry or you can also diffuse it.  A diffuser can be purchased pretty inexpensively from pretty much any local store and you can get a universal one to slip onto the end of your blow dryer.  The way it works is it just spreads or diffuses the air so that the curls hold their definition.  If your hair does not have naturally curl/wave or if you want to enhance your natural body you can simply supplement with a curling iron.


If you have not been blessed with curly/wavy hair and your hair refuses to hold any curls you try to put into it, don’t worry you can go the other route.  You can now focus your efforts on an amazing blow out.  The key to a great blow out is sections!  Small sections allow you to concentrate the heat from your blow dryer and it helps with the manageability of having to hold the blow dryer and round brush.  Another tip for a great blow out is finding the right size of round brush so that it is not too small if you have long hair and not too big if you have short hair.


No matter how much volume you are looking to put into your hair these tips are all great and can be used individually or combined.  Everyone can increase the volume of their hair with just a little work!!




Towne & Reese and Twistbands Now at Lather!!


Lather is so excited to now be carrying the Towne and Reese Jewelry line and Twistbands.  Twistbands are the latest hair tie and accessory that won’t dent or damage your hair and have been worn by many celebrities such as Kristin Cavalari, Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just to name a few.  The soft super comfortable elastic bands are durable and will hold your pony in its place no matter what you are doing.  Our favorite part is that they also double as a cute accessory while on your wrist instead of a grungy old plain hair tie.  Towne & Reese is an amazing jewelry line that is super fashionable AND  affordable.  You may have seen Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette wearing tons of the amazing Towne and Reese jewelry.  She is a huge fan of the line and is also from the Charlotte, North Carolina area where Towne and Reese is based.  Come check out both lines at Lather we have an amazing selection and variety of both Twistbands and Towne & Reese jewelry and we are so excited to share both of these lines with everyone!!




Does your hair become “immune” to hair products?


Do you ever feel like at times that your hair is just not jiving with the same products that usually work great on your hair?  There are two different factors as to why it feels that your hair products may not be working as well as they once did.  One factor is good old mother nature.  Weather plays a huge role on our hair, not only how our hair reacts but how the products we use on it react as well.  During the hot dry humid months our hair can get extremely dry so try switching it up and focusing on moisturizing products.  Another factor is that all these products we put on our hair can cause major build up.  To get all the excess product build up off your hair you should use a clarifying shampoo whenever you feel the need.  Lather loves Nioxin’s Clarifying Shampoo to really get all the environmental grime and product residue off your scalp and hair follicles.  You can use it as often as you like and it will really make a difference to the overall health of your hair and how well your products work on your hair.

It’s all about the eyebrows

So your eyebrows can really make or break the way your face looks, they offer definition and frame your eyes; and they really can not be ignored.  It’s hard sometimes, you get caught up in the daily grind of going, going, going and then one day we look in the mirror and it seems that your eyebrows are taking over you face, not a good feeling!  Everyone has different shaped eyebrows that accentuate certain facial features so the shaping of a persons eyebrows is very individualized.  To find your brow’s starting point, all you need to do is hold a thin makeup brush against your nose.  The point where the brush touches your brow is going to be your starting point.  As for your brow’s end, tilt the same brush from your nose diagonally until it lands on a point at the corner of your eye.  Then according to your face shape, size, and features your eyebrows and then be shaped to accurate your face.  In the image you can see exactly how to get the right shaped brows based on your eye shape and how much of a difference it can make.

There  are numerous different ways to keep your eyebrows in shape.  There is the traditional tweezer method, threading which is done with a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread, and waxing done with hot wax and wax strip.  With tweezing you are only getting rid of one hair at a time which can be time-consuming and you can also get easily carried away.  Then there is threading and waxing which get rid of multiple hairs at one time so it is more time effective and also offers a cleaner line.  Threading is gaining popularity lately but some say it can be more painful than waxing or tweezing so it may take some time to get us to.  Then there is waxing which is extremely popular because it is quick and the pain is more minimal.  Which ever method you prefer eyebrow shaping is a must, so no more excuses!! And that goes for you men too, your eyebrows need to be trimmed up as well. Everyone needs to be keeping up with nicely framed polished eyebrows, it really does make a huge impact on how your face looks.

Dry Shampoo


OK so if you haven’t heard about dry shampoo get ready because it’s amazing!!  We always have clients obsessing about washing their hair everyday but in all actuality it is better to not wash it everyday and dry shampoo can be a great quick fix to help get you through the in between days.  You are probably asking yourself, well why shouldn’t I be washing my hair everyday?  The reason is that your hair is a fiber and like say a wool fiber, the more you wash it the worse it is going to look.  The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed the hair the longer it can go between washes.  But if you have fine unprocessed hair with little to no body then your hair probably tends to get pretty oily so it really does need to be washed everyday.  The best rule of thumb is to just go as long as you think you can without washing your hair; shampooing three or four times weekly is plenty.


What ever your hair type may be dry shampoo is a must!  It is great to get you through the in between days so you are not washing your hair as much, which leads to healthier hair.  Major bonus-everyone wants healthier hair!  It is also really great for post workouts, if you just have to run into the store really quick before going home.  It just takes a few sprays or dabs of powder and voila your hair is looking better just in case you run into anyone important.  Or if you have to get ready in a hurry and don’t have time to wash, dry and style your hair skip the first two and put some dry shampoo on the oily parts of your hair and then style however you would like and you are all set to go.


Dry Shampoo is truly a miracle in a bottle and is a must have in your hair arsenal.  At Lather we carry two different types of dry shampoos one is KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray which is an aerosol and it comes out as kind of a white powder spray that can be rubbed and blended into darker hair if needed.  The other product that we offer is Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo.  The Keratin Complex is in a powder form that you brush into your hair and the main difference between the two is that the Keratin Complex comes in three different colors, white, blonde, and brunette.  Since there are three different colors to choose from there can be less blending with the Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo.  Either way you go both of these products are great dry shampoos!