Fall Makeup Trends




Wow it really feels like some fall weather here in NC today!  With comes fall comes all the fall fashion and makeup!!  In for this fall is the unfinished lip with deep rich pigments.  Added bonus to this trend is that it is super easy, just dab a small amount of lip stain, stick, creme, or gloss in the center of your lips and press lips together.  Smudge with your finger following the natural lines of your lips and your done.  Another fall trend is super matte, shine-free skin, just start with an oil control moisturizer and primers and finish with a matte foundation.





Glitter Glitter Everywhere!  Glitter always seems to come out during the fall, especially as we inch closer to the holidays.  The proper way to apply glitter eyeshadow is to wet your brush a little before transferring glitter from the container to the eyelid and press it onto the eyelid, don’t sweep the glitter that way there is less fall out.


Not only is the unfinished lip in, so is the super finished lip with rich pigment and lip liner to match.  Just line lips with lip liner and match with a lip stick of the same color, apply, and smudge into lip liner until it all blends.




Dramatic angled eyeliner is all the rage, start by tracing the line starting from the outer lower lash line–not the upper lash line–upward and out; this is your guideline for the angled part of your liner wing.





The hot new runway makeup look is brow-to-lash color, you’re thinking crazy right, how could that ever be acceptable?  This brazen move can be achieved by using just one eyeshadow color and diffuse or build up where needed to create graduation.  Pro tip:  “use a wet brush to intensify the color at the lash line and work your way up the eye through the crease and to the brow, using a blending blush to get a softer pigment for graduation effect.” -Ferro



It’s Finally Here…

We are so excited to finally have our TIGI Cosmetics here at Lather Hair Salon!!  TIGI Cosmetics reflects your every style. Premium ingredients create effortless application with staying power. Clean, clear and modern; it’s apparent from your first glimpse that this is a cosmetic line that will do more than conceal, it celebrates and reveals what’s more important to you, yourself.   TIGI has been voted favorite professional makeup 7 years in a row and is a multi-generational and multi-cultural line that truly has something for everyone.  You can use our eyeshadows as wet or dry to create dramatic effects.  The newly released waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are a must for all women!  Lather Hair Salon is carrying the entire TIGI Cosmetics Line everything from Mineral Tint and Concealer Pencils to Whipped Foundation and High Density Eye Shadows so stop in today to check out all amazing TIGI make up at Lather Hair Salon.


8 Healthy Skin Must Do’s!

So the secret to healthy skin isn’t necessarily the expensive cleansers or creams, it is actually just making sure to follow a well-balanced routine.  The first seems simple enough cleanse and moisturizer right?  Well as simple as it may be it is often overlooked before and after a long busy day starts and ends.  It is so important to start your day with a clean moisturized face and to end the day the same way.  Also finding the right moisturizer for your skin type is whether it is more oily or dry definitely finding the right moisturizer for you is key!


Not only do you need to clean your face you also need to make sure the things that touch your face are clean, especially your make-up tools.  Cleaning your make-up once a week is not only going to keep those built up germs off you skin but it will also prolong the life of your tools.


While washing your face daily does remove most make-up, some heavier make-up such as mascara and eyeliner can remain.  This is when it is important to use a make-up remover to make sure you are able to remove all the make-up from your face, and your bed sheets will thank you for it!


So you go and spend all this money on your make-up and that is why it is so hard to part with it, but just like most things in life your make-up also has an expiration date unfortunately.  It is important to keep track of the age of your make-up and throw it out in a timely manner.  All make-up has very different expiration dates but here are a few guidelines for the most used things:

  1. Mascara, liquid  or gel eyeliners: 4 to 6 months (always toss out dry mascara—never add water to extend its life)
  2. Moisturizers, Serums, & Foundations: 6 months to 1 year
  3. Powder-based products: 2-3 years
  4. Lipsticks., Lip Gloss, & Lip Pencils: 2-3 years


Since you are making all these preparations to keep your skin healthy the next logical thing to do is to protect it by applying sunscreen daily and it’s so simple too!  Just make sure to get a moisturizer that has an added SPF, simple enough so there are no excuses ladies!


Last, but not least, proper amounts of sleep and healthy eating are a must!  Everything you put into your body affects it so make sure to eat healthy and you will definitely the proof in your skin.  Also making sure to get enough sleep is very important, just like the rest of your body needing rest, your skin does as well.  Getting into a good routine and using these tips will really help your skin get and stay in tip-top shape!

How to make your make-up last all day

You take the time to perfect your make-up each morning only to have just a trace left on by the end of the day, how annoying!  Here are a few tips on how to help your make-up stay on throughout the whole day.  First thing is moisturizing, it will smooth out, hydrate and make your skin ready to accept make-up.

Another problem throughout the day is the smudging and waterproof does not always mean smudge proof unfortunately.  Asking a lot of questions, researching, and trying different products will really make a difference on what works best for you.  Since you are using your make-up on a daily basis it will most likely be worth the extra splurge to get professional make-up that will hold up daily.

Primers are also a must, just apply a little to your eyelids let it dry for a minute, apply your eye shadow and be super amazed by the easier application and longevity of your eye shadow.

Although lip gloss is amazing and gives extra shine to your finished face; however, lip-stains are much better when you are looking for a lip color to stay put for the entire day.  They come in a variety of different colors and brands so you can shop around to find what works best for you lips.  They will stay put during the day no matter what you eat, drink, etc.

Finishing off with a loose powder will help keep your make-up in place and your face less oily throughout the day.  Apply after a cream foundation and follow up with a light brush of loose powder to seal everything in.  If you are still having problems with your skin getting oily by the middle of the day just make sure to pat, don’t wipe!  They even make blotting sheets that help absorb the oils out of your skin.  And just a reminder that if you need your make-up to last throughout the day don’t cake it on because by the middle of the day it is going to settle into your creases and that is not a good look for anyone! a while.

The Best Makeup Application for Summer & Special Occasions

Here at Lather Hair Salon, our makeup choice is airbrushing.

Lather is one of the exclusive Raleigh salons that specialize in airbrush makeup.  This type of foundation is the only choice for special occasions when you don’t want to worry about your makeup fading or streaking.

Left, before airbrushing. Right, after. Flawless!

Left, before airbrushing. Right, after. Flawless!

Airbrush makeup is a modern way to create the sort of flawless complexion you see on models and movie stars.  It creates a gentle mist that covers your skin for a completely natural look.  It can also be concentrated to cover blemishes and other unwanted imperfections.

Because airbrush makeup lasts up to 18 hours, you won’t have to worry about reapplying your makeup all day.  Brides are set all day long with flawless skin. No more running to the ladies room in between the ceremony and reception, taking the risk of spilling powder or liquid on your white dress.  With airbrushing, there’s no need to even think about your makeup all day.

Since it’s summer and the sun is hot, many of us will be “glistening.” And we don’t want a heavy foundation that will streak. Airbrush makeup does not budge, no matter how much you “glisten.” It’s lightweight and doesn’t streak or smudge for 18 hours. The secret is the silicone base, making it waterproof and powerful against moisture.

Airbrushed makeup is ideal for women who aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup. You won’t FEEL like you have makeup on all day, but you’ll look great. Airbrushing is truly amazing. Don’t believe us? Come to Lather Hair Salon and let us show you!