Color My Hair Pastel!

Dare to dominate your look with pastel hair? From Lauren Conrad’s blue highlights to peach-tinted tips and Kelly Osbourne’s all-over lavender, we continue to see celebrities showing more of a wild side by adding pastel hair color.

Pastel colors are very specific. Whether you’re looking for highlights, an all-over color or Ombre color, it’s important to pick a color and that’s best for you. Ombre hair is very trendy and looks great with pastel colors.

Once you’ve found your look, you’ll need to make sure your make-up and clothing choices compliment your dominant pastel hair.



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Adding Volume to Your Hair

A lot of women struggle with having limp lifeless hair and it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out what will work to add more volume to your hair.  Here are a few different easy tips to try to get the most volume out of your hair.  The first thing is super easy and simple try adjusting your part.  Your hair can get use to the same part you use so try mixing it up by parting it to the side if you usually part in the middle to part the opposite way or in the middle if you part to the side.


Of course if you are looking for more volume, volumizing products are a must!  Lather Hair Salon carries and recommends Sebastian’s Volupt line of shampoo and conditioner for a great shampoo/conditioner while still adding volume.  Revolutionary cushion particle technology constructs your hair into a harmony of soft volumes while shielding-in the lightness for a color safe shampoo and conditioner.  Sebastian’s Volupt Spray can provide extra volume after using Volupt shampoo and conditioner.  Just apply to damp hair and blow-dry as normally done.  Some other amazing root and volume boosting products that Lather offers are Aquage uplifting foam, Nioxin root lifter (which is great for thinning or very fine hair), and Big Sexy Hair’s Backcomb in a Bottle which is applied to dry hair to add even more lift after dried.


Another great tip to add more volume to your hair that a lot of people do not think about is to not wash your hair too often.  We have mentioned in previous posts about how actually washing your hair less is better for it.  This is because it doesn’t dry it out as much and it will also help build up your volume because it is a little dirtier.  You are probably thinking well that’s all fine and good but what about my extremely greasy hair.  I have the solution…dry shampoo!  This miracle in a can/bottle seriously needs to be in everyone’s beauty supply for this reason just spray some at the roots and you are good to go until your next wash.  It is a much better way of getting a few more days in between your washes to make your hair that much healthier.


Believe it or not adding some color to your hair also adds some volume through dimension.  If you already color your hair it is an added bonus and if you don’t you can always work your way in.  Hair color can be overwhelming but finding the right salon and stylist to really work with you on what your hair wants and needs are is key!  The great thing about color is that you can do a lot or just a little.  Lather Hair Salon offers a great intro into color with our 10 foils or less service.  It is exactly what it says and you can just add some face framing highlights to add dimension and introduce you into the wonderful world of color!




Trying out a different cut and style could also boost your volume.  Again having a trained and qualified stylist that knows hair type and textures is key.  Also being completely up front with your stylist to let them know your hair routine is very important.  If you are someone who spends minimal time on styling your hair daily then your stylist should be recommending a very different haircut for you.  Compared to someone who spends a lengthy amount of time styling their hair daily.


Besides dry shampoo a teasing brush is going to be your best friend when it comes to adding volume.  The great thing about a teasing or backcombing is that you can add just a little or you can add a lot for a big night on the town, it is all up to you.  Do however be gentle because teasing too much and too often can damage hair so just ease your way into it and see what amount works best for your hair.


Curls add tons of volume so if you are lucky enough to have curly, wavy, or if you hair is able to hold curl fairly well this will be your best volumizing technique!  If you have natural curl/wave you can just wear your hair that way.  Simply add a little curl cream, Tigi’s Catwalk Curlesque Collection: Curls Rock Amplifier is Lather’s favorite, and let it air dry or you can also diffuse it.  A diffuser can be purchased pretty inexpensively from pretty much any local store and you can get a universal one to slip onto the end of your blow dryer.  The way it works is it just spreads or diffuses the air so that the curls hold their definition.  If your hair does not have naturally curl/wave or if you want to enhance your natural body you can simply supplement with a curling iron.


If you have not been blessed with curly/wavy hair and your hair refuses to hold any curls you try to put into it, don’t worry you can go the other route.  You can now focus your efforts on an amazing blow out.  The key to a great blow out is sections!  Small sections allow you to concentrate the heat from your blow dryer and it helps with the manageability of having to hold the blow dryer and round brush.  Another tip for a great blow out is finding the right size of round brush so that it is not too small if you have long hair and not too big if you have short hair.


No matter how much volume you are looking to put into your hair these tips are all great and can be used individually or combined.  Everyone can increase the volume of their hair with just a little work!!




what is balayage?

So one of the new color trends popping up right now is balayage, but what the heck is it.  Balayage is a French technique that was developed in the 1970s and it literally means “to paint”.  It is technique that can be done numerous ways depending on the stylists preference and clients needs/wants but is usually done as more of a free hand technique.  It can be compared to the ombre technique; however, the difference between the two techniques is the ombre is dark roots with a gradation of color to the light ends, whereas the balayage is more of sun-kissed look.  Like the ombre though it is low maintenance and cost-effective which makes it great for todays busy woman.  It is also the perfect look for summer since your hair is going to naturally lighten with the sun.  This way you are not throwing your money away and you can embrace the light sun-kissed look for the pool and beach days.

Ombre Hair Color

This two toned hair color tend became popular during the summer months because it gives a sun-kissed look but is still continuing into the fall months.  The ombre trend has easy maintenance with those who color their hair because you are able to color your hair less which, also makes it is less expensive.  Ombre hair is defined as hair color fading from dark to light, or vice-versa but in a gradual sense, you are able to embrace the natrual  lighting of your ends.  We typically see the ombre locks are darker or more natural at the roots and lighter at the bottom.  This look can be very distinctive or a more subtle look.  Its young, fresh and a more care-free look that can be done with any hair color.  If you are intrested in this look you can always talk to your stylist to see what steps you can do to get your ombre hair color.

To Color or To Highlight – That Is The Question!!

Sometimes deciding between highlights and all-over color feels like being torn between two favorite television shows playing at the same time (well, before the days of Tivo!).  Lather Hair Salon‘s experienced colorists are here to help you make this decision.

Here are some simple truths to factor into your decision.

1 –  If you have a great base hair tone, you’re better off with highlights.  You don’t want to mess with nature, you want to ENHANCE it.

2 – On the other hand, if your base hair color washes out your skin tone or is, well, “just blah,” consider an all-over color.

Keep in mind that  all-over coloring will need to be touched up every 4-8 weeks because the root growth will start showing. Highlights can last up to 2 or 3 months.

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The Truth about Home Hair Color Disasters

It happens to most of us at least once. We get suckered in by advertising, or we want to save money, so we buy a box of stuff, put it all over our hair, and hope for the best.  But sometimes, hoping for the best doesn’t work and we end up with any number of at-home-hair-color blunders.  If this happens to you, don’t overreact. It’s what you do next that decides your hair’s fate. Lather, a Raleigh hair salon, is here to help.

Most hair experts believe there is a 48 – 72 hour window before the hair color locks into the cuticle — past the point of no return.

DO NOT try to fix this yourself with something else from the drugstore.  Hair color blunders are not like a bad color choice for your kitchen walls.  Hair color can not be covered by a coat of white paint. Or removed with turpentine.

Get to a professional!

Even a pro can’t wash out or magically reverse hair color blunders, but a good stylist can “correct” your hair color by getting it back to a similar shade of your natural hair.  This may take a few sessions but it’s not something that should be rushed.

Now we’ll  let you in on the only two temporary “fixes”:

* Some colored shampoos can help soften the bad coloring.

* You can cut your hair short to minimize the effect.

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