About the Salon

Jessica Williams, Owner 

“my philosophy: whether it’s edgy and modern or sleek and elegant, I strive to create the perfect look for each individual client. i’m also determined to provide my clients with the highest degree of customer service in a friendly professional setting.  and i am dedicated to performing my craft exceptionally well. bottom line: I don’t want one single client to believe he or she can be better served at any other salon.” — Jessica

for almost a decade, Jessica Williams has been mastering the art of hair coloring, cutting and styling.  she is known for her excellent design skills and  her friendly, professional chair-side manner.

Jessica received her initial cosmetology education at Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy. Afterwards she worked in a local chain salon that provided her with the foundation, advanced education, and business sense she needed to open her own salon.  but first, she went back to school at North Carolina State University to become a more educated stylist (she received a degree in communications), then worked at other established salons until she finally found a place of her own – Lather Hair Salon. Jessica opened Lather in October 2008.

to stay on the cutting edge of hair and fashion, Jessica is constantly seeking out new educational experiences that will continue to motivate her. she pushes her own boundaries and studies new cutting and coloring techniques.  but her clients’ wishes always, always come first.  “hair should be stylish, but it should also be an extension of a person’s individuality,” she insists.  “i love building relationships with people so I can know them well enough to grasp their individuality. that’s where their style comes from. and that’s what I want to express.”

when Jessica is not doing hair, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jay, her two twin boys Harrison and Colton and her dogs, Chewy and Ella.

Lather Hair Salon  

…where your unique personality, style and lifestyle inspire us to create hair designs that are all about you. From cut to care, you’re going to say, “I love my hair!” (that goes for guys, too)


at Lather Hair Salon, we offer the highest standards in precision cuts, high quality color, and  creative styling within a relaxed, comfortable, and professional atmosphere. because we’re dedicated to performing our craft exceptionally well, we continually strive to increase our knowledge and improve our skills both within the salon and through the external professional beauty community. and we bring all that knowledge and skill to bear on your hair.


at Lather Hair Salon, creativity arises from the fusion of our expert insights and techniques with your hair type, body type, skin tone, personality and lifestyle. we work with you to create the best hair cut, color and style that expresses who you are – or who you want to be!

what Lather believes in…..

we believe in open, friendly, cooperative relationships with our clients. we believe your hair should be an expression of who you are, and that the only way we can reach that goal is by listening very carefully to your wants and needs. (we believe in asking a lot of questions!) we believe in being reliable and enthusiastic, and we stand behind our work 100 percent. if you’re not happy, we’re not happy (and we like to be happy.)

we hope you’ll come visit us soon. we promise your hair will thank you!


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