Fall Makeup Trends




Wow it really feels like some fall weather here in NC today!  With comes fall comes all the fall fashion and makeup!!  In for this fall is the unfinished lip with deep rich pigments.  Added bonus to this trend is that it is super easy, just dab a small amount of lip stain, stick, creme, or gloss in the center of your lips and press lips together.  Smudge with your finger following the natural lines of your lips and your done.  Another fall trend is super matte, shine-free skin, just start with an oil control moisturizer and primers and finish with a matte foundation.





Glitter Glitter Everywhere!  Glitter always seems to come out during the fall, especially as we inch closer to the holidays.  The proper way to apply glitter eyeshadow is to wet your brush a little before transferring glitter from the container to the eyelid and press it onto the eyelid, don’t sweep the glitter that way there is less fall out.


Not only is the unfinished lip in, so is the super finished lip with rich pigment and lip liner to match.  Just line lips with lip liner and match with a lip stick of the same color, apply, and smudge into lip liner until it all blends.




Dramatic angled eyeliner is all the rage, start by tracing the line starting from the outer lower lash line–not the upper lash line–upward and out; this is your guideline for the angled part of your liner wing.





The hot new runway makeup look is brow-to-lash color, you’re thinking crazy right, how could that ever be acceptable?  This brazen move can be achieved by using just one eyeshadow color and diffuse or build up where needed to create graduation.  Pro tip:  “use a wet brush to intensify the color at the lash line and work your way up the eye through the crease and to the brow, using a blending blush to get a softer pigment for graduation effect.” -Ferro



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