Braids are our newest obsession for a look that keeps hair off your face instead of the messy ponytail.  There is no limitation on number of braids, thickness, texture or even location.  Back, front, side or center.    


Messy Hair.  It goes against everything we’ve been taught about hair.  It might not sound like it could possibly be a hairstyle trend, but messy hair is a huge summer trend. Hair straighteners and wavers give your hair an uncomplicated style while volumizers ensure your hair isn’t left flat.


Low Slung Buns

It’s good to give your hair a break from heat styling.  A low slung bun is best with air-dryed or unwashed hair.  It gives an instant, classy and polished look. 

STEP 1:  Skip shampooing for natural hair oils to create a textured and sleek finish.  If washing your hair is a must use a texturizing balm after shampooing and let your hair air dry.

STEP 2:  Create a center part using your fingers as a comb.  Make a low ponytail with a TwistBand or elastic band. 

STEP 3:  Loosely twist the ponytail around the elastic and pin with bobby pins.  Pull a few loose ends from the bun. 

STEP 4:  Finish with a light hold hairspray.


The Beehive

Half a decade later, the Sixties Beehive hairstyle is back.  It can be easily created by backcombing the hair and is absolutely ideal for the workplace or an evening out.


Knotted Bun

This style takes the bun and makes it even more daring. The hair is literally knotted at the nape of the neck, giving it a messy, grungy look. You can improvise as much as you like with this hairstyle, as the only requirement is that it looks as minimalistic as possible.

STEP 1:  Brush: Using a smoothing brush, brush your hair into a super-high ponytail.  . If you’d like you can use some hairspray at this point.

STEP 2:  Twist: Twist the hair into a coil and twist it around itself.

STEP 3:  Pin: Place the pin at the base, and a good angle to get as many hairs as possible, and spin it in. Repeat at the front of the bun.

STEP 4:  Use bobby pins to tuck in any ends.

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