Curls Without Heat


It’s getting hot and humid out and for some going straight doesn’t work, so ladies just ease the frustration and embrace the waves and curls!  Another great thing about going curly for the summer is that there are different ways to create curls and waves without heat…that’s right you can still get a cute style this summer without making yourself even hotter.  An easy way to start off is just by a simple braid.  Just braid your hair when it’s wet and let it dry in the braid; this works great if you want to sleep in the braid and just undo it in the morning.  Play around with big braids and little braids to see what you like best.  Bantu knots are also super easy and make a great curl to your hair.  Put your hair into sections (the more sections the more curl)  and twist your hair around and around until it starts to create a knot and then pin it once it is tight against your scalp.  Let them dry, unpin them, and admire your Bantu knotted curls.

A super easy way to get waves without heat is to twist your hair into a bun and sleep on it.  In the morning undo your bun to revel simple natural waves.  Rag curls are an oldie but a goody!  Just twist sections of your hair around scrap fabric starting at the ends, then secure the hair by knotting the fabric, let it dry and untie.  You can also create a different variation with other things around the house including pipe cleaners–get creative.  To get a really different type of curl try pin curls.  To create a pin curl you section off the hair and roll the hair up to the head as if you had a roller and then secure with a bobby pin. You can either or lay them flat against the head.  keep the curls big




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