Towne & Reese and Twistbands Now at Lather!!


Lather is so excited to now be carrying the Towne and Reese Jewelry line and Twistbands.  Twistbands are the latest hair tie and accessory that won’t dent or damage your hair and have been worn by many celebrities such as Kristin Cavalari, Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just to name a few.  The soft super comfortable elastic bands are durable and will hold your pony in its place no matter what you are doing.  Our favorite part is that they also double as a cute accessory while on your wrist instead of a grungy old plain hair tie.  Towne & Reese is an amazing jewelry line that is super fashionable AND  affordable.  You may have seen Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette wearing tons of the amazing Towne and Reese jewelry.  She is a huge fan of the line and is also from the Charlotte, North Carolina area where Towne and Reese is based.  Come check out both lines at Lather we have an amazing selection and variety of both Twistbands and Towne & Reese jewelry and we are so excited to share both of these lines with everyone!!





2 thoughts on “Towne & Reese and Twistbands Now at Lather!!

    • They have definitely taken off fast! What is great is you can personalize the colors to your style and really make them your own 🙂

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