How to make your make-up last all day

You take the time to perfect your make-up each morning only to have just a trace left on by the end of the day, how annoying!  Here are a few tips on how to help your make-up stay on throughout the whole day.  First thing is moisturizing, it will smooth out, hydrate and make your skin ready to accept make-up.

Another problem throughout the day is the smudging and waterproof does not always mean smudge proof unfortunately.  Asking a lot of questions, researching, and trying different products will really make a difference on what works best for you.  Since you are using your make-up on a daily basis it will most likely be worth the extra splurge to get professional make-up that will hold up daily.

Primers are also a must, just apply a little to your eyelids let it dry for a minute, apply your eye shadow and be super amazed by the easier application and longevity of your eye shadow.

Although lip gloss is amazing and gives extra shine to your finished face; however, lip-stains are much better when you are looking for a lip color to stay put for the entire day.  They come in a variety of different colors and brands so you can shop around to find what works best for you lips.  They will stay put during the day no matter what you eat, drink, etc.

Finishing off with a loose powder will help keep your make-up in place and your face less oily throughout the day.  Apply after a cream foundation and follow up with a light brush of loose powder to seal everything in.  If you are still having problems with your skin getting oily by the middle of the day just make sure to pat, don’t wipe!  They even make blotting sheets that help absorb the oils out of your skin.  And just a reminder that if you need your make-up to last throughout the day don’t cake it on because by the middle of the day it is going to settle into your creases and that is not a good look for anyone! a while.


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