Does your hair become “immune” to hair products?


Do you ever feel like at times that your hair is just not jiving with the same products that usually work great on your hair?  There are two different factors as to why it feels that your hair products may not be working as well as they once did.  One factor is good old mother nature.  Weather plays a huge role on our hair, not only how our hair reacts but how the products we use on it react as well.  During the hot dry humid months our hair can get extremely dry so try switching it up and focusing on moisturizing products.  Another factor is that all these products we put on our hair can cause major build up.  To get all the excess product build up off your hair you should use a clarifying shampoo whenever you feel the need.  Lather loves Nioxin’s Clarifying Shampoo to really get all the environmental grime and product residue off your scalp and hair follicles.  You can use it as often as you like and it will really make a difference to the overall health of your hair and how well your products work on your hair.


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