The Heat is Coming!

So the hot humid heat is coming along with many pool and beach days which is great for relaxing and spending time with friends and family, but not so great for your hair.  One trick to preserve your healthy hair are deep conditioners.  The hot humid weather is going to create frizz and your hair being wet and the salt is going to really dry it out.  There are great deep conditioners that you can buy and do your self at home, Lather loves Sebastian Drench deep-moisturizing treatment.  This amazing product provides hair with deep intensive moisture retention.  It is great for normal or damaged hair and makes it feel conditioned, silky, moisturized, and healthy.    This product is great to use at home as often as once a week and it is also great to pair it with a salon deep conditioner as well.  It is great to alternate with at home treatments and salon deep conditioners because after applied the deep conditioner “processes” under heat which opens up the cuticle of your hair to really let the deep conditioner penetrate in.  Lather knows the importance of a deep conditioner especially during the hot humid months in the south and offers $10 deep conditioners every Tuesday and offers Sebastian Drench deep-moisturizing treatment for your at home in-between visits.



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