what is balayage?

So one of the new color trends popping up right now is balayage, but what the heck is it.  Balayage is a French technique that was developed in the 1970s and it literally means “to paint”.  It is technique that can be done numerous ways depending on the stylists preference and clients needs/wants but is usually done as more of a free hand technique.  It can be compared to the ombre technique; however, the difference between the two techniques is the ombre is dark roots with a gradation of color to the light ends, whereas the balayage is more of sun-kissed look.  Like the ombre though it is low maintenance and cost-effective which makes it great for todays busy woman.  It is also the perfect look for summer since your hair is going to naturally lighten with the sun.  This way you are not throwing your money away and you can embrace the light sun-kissed look for the pool and beach days.


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