It’s all about the eyebrows

So your eyebrows can really make or break the way your face looks, they offer definition and frame your eyes; and they really can not be ignored.  It’s hard sometimes, you get caught up in the daily grind of going, going, going and then one day we look in the mirror and it seems that your eyebrows are taking over you face, not a good feeling!  Everyone has different shaped eyebrows that accentuate certain facial features so the shaping of a persons eyebrows is very individualized.  To find your brow’s starting point, all you need to do is hold a thin makeup brush against your nose.  The point where the brush touches your brow is going to be your starting point.  As for your brow’s end, tilt the same brush from your nose diagonally until it lands on a point at the corner of your eye.  Then according to your face shape, size, and features your eyebrows and then be shaped to accurate your face.  In the image you can see exactly how to get the right shaped brows based on your eye shape and how much of a difference it can make.

There  are numerous different ways to keep your eyebrows in shape.  There is the traditional tweezer method, threading which is done with a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread, and waxing done with hot wax and wax strip.  With tweezing you are only getting rid of one hair at a time which can be time-consuming and you can also get easily carried away.  Then there is threading and waxing which get rid of multiple hairs at one time so it is more time effective and also offers a cleaner line.  Threading is gaining popularity lately but some say it can be more painful than waxing or tweezing so it may take some time to get us to.  Then there is waxing which is extremely popular because it is quick and the pain is more minimal.  Which ever method you prefer eyebrow shaping is a must, so no more excuses!! And that goes for you men too, your eyebrows need to be trimmed up as well. Everyone needs to be keeping up with nicely framed polished eyebrows, it really does make a huge impact on how your face looks.


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