Dry Shampoo


OK so if you haven’t heard about dry shampoo get ready because it’s amazing!!  We always have clients obsessing about washing their hair everyday but in all actuality it is better to not wash it everyday and dry shampoo can be a great quick fix to help get you through the in between days.  You are probably asking yourself, well why shouldn’t I be washing my hair everyday?  The reason is that your hair is a fiber and like say a wool fiber, the more you wash it the worse it is going to look.  The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed the hair the longer it can go between washes.  But if you have fine unprocessed hair with little to no body then your hair probably tends to get pretty oily so it really does need to be washed everyday.  The best rule of thumb is to just go as long as you think you can without washing your hair; shampooing three or four times weekly is plenty.


What ever your hair type may be dry shampoo is a must!  It is great to get you through the in between days so you are not washing your hair as much, which leads to healthier hair.  Major bonus-everyone wants healthier hair!  It is also really great for post workouts, if you just have to run into the store really quick before going home.  It just takes a few sprays or dabs of powder and voila your hair is looking better just in case you run into anyone important.  Or if you have to get ready in a hurry and don’t have time to wash, dry and style your hair skip the first two and put some dry shampoo on the oily parts of your hair and then style however you would like and you are all set to go.


Dry Shampoo is truly a miracle in a bottle and is a must have in your hair arsenal.  At Lather we carry two different types of dry shampoos one is KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray which is an aerosol and it comes out as kind of a white powder spray that can be rubbed and blended into darker hair if needed.  The other product that we offer is Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo.  The Keratin Complex is in a powder form that you brush into your hair and the main difference between the two is that the Keratin Complex comes in three different colors, white, blonde, and brunette.  Since there are three different colors to choose from there can be less blending with the Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo.  Either way you go both of these products are great dry shampoos!


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