Thinning Hair


Thinning hair can be an extremely embarrassing topic for clients to talk about even to their hair stylist; however, it is very important to talk about your problems and concerns openly so that your stylist can recommend the proper products and solutions for your hair type.  Luckily there is entire line of products that is formulated to help thinning hair and has shown proven results.  Nioxin is the #1 stylist recommended thinning-hair brand in the US and the customized range of hair and scalp products is proven to deliver noticeably thicker, denser-looking hair.


One of the unique things about Nioxin is that it focuses on 5 different effects for thicker fuller hair.

1. Reduces Hair Breakage: Have you spotted a receding hairline, thinning crown or a wider parting? Thinning hair is often only recognized when styling reveals an increasingly larger proportion of the scalp. NIOXIN is designed to make hair strong, healthy and thicker-looking.


2. Delivers Denser Looking Hair: Does a lot of hair remain in the basin after you’ve had a shower? Or in your hairbrush after brushing? Both can be signs of hair breakage. Nioxin reduces breakage by smoothing and protecting the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair shaft.


3. Amplifies Hair Texture: Does you hair lack fullness and body? And do you find that conditioners often weigh it down? Several factors, including age and cuticle damage, can cause hair to become thinner. NIOXIN increases the fullness of individual strands of hair, ensuring it is healthy, vibrant and looks radiantly thick.


4. Strengths Hair Against Cuticle Damage: Does you hair look dull and lifeless, and have split ends?  Has your hair lost its vibrancy and health? Cuticle damage, where the outer casing of your hair becomes rough and frayed, and can rob your hair of its natural beauty. NIOXIN’s blend of ingredients strengthens individual hairs against cuticle damage, and protects against styling and the elements.


5. Cleanses Excessive Sebum: Do you suffer from an oily scalp and hair?Or, alternatively, is your scalp dry and itchy? Both can point to excessive production and build up of sebum – a naturally occurring substance that contributes to greasy hair. NIOXIN thoroughly cleanses the scalp, removing excess sebum and helping hair maintain its vitality.


 Here at Lather we carry an abundance of Nioxin products; everything from shampoo and conditioners, styling products, and even vitamins specialized specifically for hair growth.  If you are experiencing any problems with hair loss, thinning hair, breakage, or scalp build up we highly recommend the Nioxin line.  If you are unsure of exactly what your hair type needs you can always meet with your stylist or stop in and we can walk you through it.

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