Summer Hair for Summer Heat – Big & Messy Are Back!

Hot weather is quickly approaching and your hair is probably reflecting it.  Here are a few key words to keep in mind for a great style in the hot, humid weather:

Teasing, Braiding, Curling, Waving, and Messy Updos.

This year, big, messy, hair is in and sleek, flat hair is out.  This makes maintaining fashionable hair much more manageable when the humidity is working against you.  In the humid weather, hair tends to frizz and curl.  If you are trying to wear stick-straight hair, this could definitely hinder your look. But since “big” is in, the humidity gives you tons of texture.

When deciding how to style your hair, think about your natural texture.  If you have curly or wavy hair, go with that look.  Put some styling cream in it, such as Frizzstyling cream, so that your hair is protected against “frizzies” and your natural curls will stay in whatever style you choose.  If necessary, you can always enhance your look with a curling iron or waver.

If you have naturally straight hair, don’t worry. Your hair will still work for this look. Make sure you use a texture product like Whipped Crème by Sebastian.  Let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer and skip the flat iron all together. When dry, tease the top of your hair with a teasing brush to create volume. Don’t be afraid of it being too frizzy; the messier the better. The bottom of your hair is going to be tamer, or even straight.  Going with your hair’s natural texture, rather than fighting your mane, is going to make summer a lot less demanding.

If it’s too hot to wear your hair down, there are many more styles to choose from than just a ponytail.  It’s prom season now, so there are updo ideas everywhere. For inspiration, grab a copy of a teen magazine and look at the different styles that are “in” right now.  Pick your favorite and recreate a messy version of it. This will give you a casual, cute style. (Or, come in to Lather Hair Salon and let us do it for you!)

All types of braids are very stylish and multi-useful this year. You can put all of your hair in a braid to get it off your neck. You can braid just your bangs to keep your hair out of your face. You can sleep with wet hair in several braids to create soft waves in the morning. Use creativity when braiding because there are so many different styles you can create with just a bit of inspiration.

This year’s style choice is definitely working in our favor as we create fun, messy, yet fashionable styles. Bring on the heat! 


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