How To Find The Perfect Brow Shape For Your Face

Finding the perfect eyebrow shape is crucial, as it can sharpen or soften your face. When choosing the shape for your face, be sure it is the best for you since waxing cannot be undone right away.  But the great thing about eyebrows is they can be altered to flatter your face and give you beautiful lines.

So let’s consider various face shapes and what eyebrow shape is best for each.

Round:  If you have a round face like Cameron Diaz, choose a brow shape that is arched high. This shape will draw attention away from the width of your face and create a longer illusion. The top of the arch should move out towards the end of the brow while the end should be short.

Long:  If your face shape is similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s you should create a flat brow shape.  This shape will create a bit of width and draw attention away from the length of your face.

Square:  For those who have strong jaw lines, such as Brooke Shields, you want a shape that balances your face. To achieve this look, make sure that the arch of your brow is softer and centered directly above the square in your jaw.

Heart Shape:  Face shapes similar to Julia Roberts are most flattering with round brow shapes.  The roundness will help to soften the face, instead of creating extra angular lines.

Oval:  If you have an oval face like Jennifer Anniston, you can get away with most brow shapes.  If there is a particular shape you like best, go with that (and be grateful for your oval-shaped face!).

Diamond:  If you have that rare face shape like Katherine Hepburn, you will want to choose a brow with curves.  Rounded brows will help to soften all the angles in your face.

Final tip: You don’t want your brows too thick, but don’t over-pluck your eyebrows to make them too thin.  A medium width is perfect for all faces as long as you have chosen the perfect brown shape to complement them.

If you’re timid about creating the perfect brow shape and thickness for your face shape, come into Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh and let us do it for you.


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