New Look for a New Season? Absolutely!

With fall only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking of changes to your hair to ashlee-simpsoncomplement your warmer wardrobe.  As you consider new shades of makeup for the new season, why not stop Lather Hair Salon or your favorite salon to update your hair? The bright blonde locks that looked wonderful at the beach don’t always offer the same effect in cooler weather.  Warmth is the key for autumn.

The biggest trend for hair for the fall of 2009 is red. It’s a hot color that looks great on any hair type.  From toned down copper colors to bright apple red, this outstanding shade will give you dimension and freshness for the new season.

selma210x270Going red all over looks amazing, but you don’t have to be a “red-head” to still have that look.  For blondes, try adding some strawberry blonde highlights to your natural shade.  Copper shades will also help tone down bleach-blonde hair for fall.  Brunettes should try deeper shades of red, such as auburn and bold red.  These colors look great as highlights or all-over color.

katie_holmes_pixie_cropAs for cuts, the bob has been going strong this year and will still be popular this fall.  The christina_ricci_mode_large_qualite_ukcropped bob is an edgy, shorter version of the classic cut. This look is short all over and can be worn with blunt or fringed bangs.The pixie crop is even shorter, and it’s essential to have messy, loose tousles with this cut.

For longer styles, Fall is the perfect time to master the sleek blow out. There will be less humidity to frizz your ‘do, so sleek, straight strands will look amazing. The 1940s mermaid look is also a very fashionable style. It’s sleek and shiny with sexy waves and curls.


If you’re still hesitant to picking a perfect shade for your tone, come to Lather Hair Salon for a free consultation. We’ll be delighted to help you pick the perfect color and cut for “sweater-weather.”


2 thoughts on “New Look for a New Season? Absolutely!

  1. I absolutly love the color of Ashlee’s hair. Can you tell me exactly what color it is? It would make my day.

  2. Allyson,

    I wouldn’t say there is a specific “name” for it but it has lots of reds/golds/little bit of brown. If you’d like, you can come in for a consultation and we can see what you need to achieve that color!


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