Mother’s Day Week

We were delighted today to see that gave our Mother’s Day special top billing among today’s posts! Check it out at

The Shopping Memo is a FREE local online guide, blog and E-Memo that feature’s the latest inside scoop on boutique shopping, fashion and lifestyles in the Raleigh/Triangle. Under the headline “Mini-Make-Over,” TSM writes: “Treat mom and yourself to a wonderful new look with Lather Hair Salon‘s Mother/Daughter Celebration.”

FYI:  Our Mother’s Day special has started today! From  May 4 to 9, we are giving mothers and daughters or sons who come in together a 10% discount on shampoos, cuts, and styling.  With the discount, you also get a FREE professional hair care product. Read our press release about it on NBC 17’s (

So — bring your mother  into Lather Hair Salon this week for a little quality time and pampering to show her how much you appreciate her this mother’s day!

posted by Lather, a Raleigh hair salon


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