How to Combat Winter Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Step One:  A good shampoo is a great start!  Consider switching to a moisturizing formula to hydrate dull and dry winter hair.

Step Two:  Comb, don’t Brush! This will help to stop damaging brittle winter hair! Try, try, try to stop drying your hair too hard with a towel and blow drying as this can weaken your hair.

Step Three:  Use a conditioning treatment once every one to two weeks to make your hair even stronger to fight off the dry spell.

Step Four:  Eat right.  Get plenty of water and protein to heighten your hair’s resistance. (Your body will thank you, too!)

Step Five: Trim your ends! Cut down the time between trims so that dry ends are not allowed enough time to weaken the rest of your hair.

posted by Lather, a Raleigh hair salon


2 thoughts on “How to Combat Winter Hair in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Thanks for the tips! Who knew you were supposed to eat healthy for your hair too!

    One question, do you recommend using Shampoo AND conditioner daily? Or just the conditioning treatment after a week or so?

  2. Try not to wash your hair every day. It strips the scalp of its natural oils. I reccomend that when you do wash, always use a good conditioner. During winter months or if your hair is extra dry try using a conditioning treatment weekly or if this feels like too much for your hair try every other week!

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